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Feb 04

Should You Run the Triple Option in Youth Football

Triple Option and Coaching Youth Football How beautiful is it to see a well executing triple option team? If you are like me, it is like poetry in motion. I’m a big fan of Navy and Georgia Tech, just because of the way they run the triple so well. As a Nebraska native and fan, …

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Feb 03

How to Catch a Football As a Wide Receiver

The most important skill for wide receivers to possess aside from confidence is knowing how to catch a football. Don’t not be mistaken, catching a football is not as easy as it may seem. If it were, there would be less defensive backs out there in the world of football – trust me. Imagine, a …

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Feb 01

The Fascinating Evolution of the College Football Bowl Games

Before Camp arrived on the scene, football was played with rugby style rules, and it should be noted that the first intercollegiate football game in the USA was played in this style two whole years before an official codified rugby game was played in England. This game took place on 6 November, 1869, in New …

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