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Mar 16

American Football Rules Every Sports Lover Must Know

In American football, at times simply referred to as football, each team is supposed to score points by guiding the ball into the opposing teams ‘End Zone’. According to the basic rules of the game, there are two methods by which this can be done: (i) running play, wherein the ball is carried by the …

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Mar 16

Defensive Backs Football Training – Stripping the Football

Today we are seeing more defensive backs stripping the football from receivers. It has become a football skill unto itself, requiring corners, line backers and safeties training and practicing drills to hone their ball stripping football skills. More coaches are teaching the art of stripping the football, running practice drills with the defensive players, teaching …

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Mar 13

NFL Coach – Salaries of NFL Coaches

We all have been worshipers of American football since our college days. For most of us, it has been a childhood dream to play in the NFL and we all love to spend our weekends enjoying some fantastic NFL matches. Being the highest level of professional American football, the NFL has become a cradle of …

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Mar 11

A Brief Overview of All the Offensive Positions in Football

Football is a sport watched by hundreds of thousands of people, and the most interesting part about this sport is undoubtedly the offensive plays. When the quarterback, the star of the show, gets possession of the ball, the crowd collectively waits with bated breath. The most famous names in American football are unarguably the ones …

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Mar 10

Average NFL Salary by Position

American football players, who are a part of the NFL teams, are known to follow the motto, ‘Work hard, and party hard!’. This is pretty much true for many of them who obtain brilliant pay checks. Moreover, if the player is a mainstream player and is always on the active roster of the team, he …

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Mar 09

NFL Salaries by Team

Organizations that have been established to promote any particular sport have moved on to shape the history of games they’ve been monitoring. Take for instance, the National Football League (NFL), that is undoubtedly, one of the most popular football associations in American football history. No other sport in the US is as popular as American …

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Mar 02

Lowest Scoring NFL Game

One of the most loved sports in the USA, American Football has never failed to live up to the expectations of the fans and spectators, thanks to the players, match officials, coaches and those who look after the proceedings. Spectators have witnessed amazing scores and wins, mind-blowing individual performances, horrible goof-ups and heartbreaks over the …

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