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May 09

How American Football Got Started

Football points can be scored in many different ways, including catching a pass over the goal line, carrying the ball over the goal line, tackling a football player in his own end zone, or a kicker kicking the football through the goal posts on the opposing side. The football team with the highest score when …

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May 08

Facts About Ray Lewis’ Life

Some people are sorted about what they want from life and they make sure they harness every opportunity life gives them to make it big in life. Such people are definitely admired and set an example for the rest. Ray Anthony Lewis one such admired person. Who knew this small guy from a small city …

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May 06

Must-have Football Accessories

The origin of football in America can be traced back to rugby, and has resulted from several major divergences of rugby. The rules of the game were instituted by Walter Camp, also known as the ‘Father of American Football’, who at Yale Camp helped evolve the rules of the game away from Rugby and Soccer. …

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May 04

Famous NFL Players

The National Football League (NFL) of America was formed in 1920. Originally known as the ‘American Professional Football Association’, the NFL is one of the best leagues in the world and has produced many quality players who have reached the heights of popularity. Famous Players of NFL The profiles given below introduce us to few …

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Apr 30

Football Coach – Effective Practice Time Eliminates Interceptions and Fumbles

Football statistics are a big part of the game. First downs, penalties, time of possession, yards rushing, yards, receiving, tackles, all are a big factors in the football game and poor statistics usually results in a loss or a poor performance. But at the same time great football statistics don’t always mean that you will …

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Apr 24

Basic Football Positions Explained in Detail

In the UK they say that ‘Football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs and rugby is a thug’s game played by gentlemen’. Well, one wonders how true that is! But the fact remains that both these games are quite popular all over. Now, to talk about rugby, the motive of the game includes players …

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Apr 24

The 9 Possible Wide Receiver Routes for a Successful Touchdown

One of the most important positions on the football pitch is that of the wide receiver. He is the one who mostly stations himself in the ‘wide’ areas on the pitch, i.e., close to the sidelines or slightly behind the line of scrimmage. He receives the pass from one of his players, usually the quarterback, …

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Apr 23

NFL Head Coach Salaries

Only those in the inner circles know how much NFL coaches earn, as such, financial attributes of the contract are often kept out of the public domain. More importantly, people are more interested in knowing how much NFL players earn. People will only start taking interest in salaries of NFL coaches, or coaches in any …

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Apr 22

Top 6 Supplements to Get You Faster And Stronger For Football

When trying to get faster, bigger, and stronger for football, you need to use every weapon in your arsenal. Your football strength and speed training program needs to be excellent, your diet 90% on point (at least) and your mental training and football skill building all need to be constantly improving. For those of you …

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Apr 20

How to Become a Football Referee

Let’s take a close look at what happens at the very beginning of a football official’s prospective career. Let’s assume for the moment that you have never officiated a game of football in your life. Where do you begin? Why football? There are several motivational factors at work here. Most common, is a love of …

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