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Pro Bowl 2011

The 2011 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl game was played on 30th January, 2011, at 7.00 pm. The game was held at Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii. NFC defeated AFC in a game with a score that read 55-41. Let us see more about this prestigious event in the National Football League (NFL) calendar.

Pro Bowl
Pro Bowl matches are played between top players of the National Football League (NFC) and American Football League (AFC). Since this game involves all the top players, the contest is an all-star game. It is played at the end of the NFL season. Most of the leagues organize their all-star games midway during that particular season. Pro Bowl matches are however an exception to following this kind of a trend. 15th January, 1939, was the day when the first ever Pro All-Star Game was played. Wrigley Field of Los Angeles was the venue for this and the year after that. The presence of top players in these games made them popular instantly.

Pro Bowl 2011
Pro Bowl games have been played at Honolulu, Hawaii, since the year 1980. The 2010 game was however held at Miami, which was kind of an experiment. It returned to Hawaii immediately after that, i.e., in 2011. The decision to organize the event of 2010 in Miami received widespread criticism. The fact that this year’s game was held before the Super Bowl, meant that few of the top players couldn’t participate in the event. However, it was still a quality game, with NFC playing better than AFC. NFC dominated this Pro Bowl game right from the first half. It reflected on the scoreboard, which read 42-7 at halftime. DeAngelo Hall of the Washington Redskins, with his impressive performance, won the MVP award. NFC’s outstanding defense too played an important role in its team’s victory.

The list of players selected for this all-star game is presented below. The names include Pro Bowl roster 2011 alternates, reserves and starters.

Pro Bowl games are considered amongst the greatest attractions for football enthusiasts. One can watch quality football in such games. and 2011 was no exception to this fact.


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