Sample resume for a student or a 16 year old student


When sixteen years, is desired more autonomy. And as the law allows us to finally be able to work, many will want to make the leap from their birthday.

But how to do it? How to create a document that will help me reach my employment goal?

In fact, it's pretty simple. Just create his first CV and we give you all the tools to get there quickly.

First, you need to put your name and contact information first.Then, if you have some work experience, write them in your document. It's important to say what you did, even if it is a simple job that lasted one weekend.

You must also demonstrate to future employers that you are a reliable and they can then count on you. Then add the qualities that you belong in a section provided for this purpose.

If you apply to a job posting, you can use it to build your resume. Use the key words of the person in the ad. Do not hesitate to put them in your resume so personalized for use on which you apply.

You can also add to what school you are currently in school and if you do something out of the ordinary, add it. For example, if you are the president of your school, it's a great feature that you will put forward in your document.

It is important to go ahead and have confidence. Even if you say no at first, never let go.Because it is those who give up never find work.

so here is an example and a model that we have created for you. You can use it to create your own resume. Simply download the file in .DOC format by clicking on HERE.

Sample resume for a student


Objective: Dedication for your business.

Work experience                


2016 Summer Grass cutting

Throughout the summer 2016 I'm mowing the lawn for 14 guests in the streets of my neighborhood. I also still demand for next year. I even start my own business exterior maintenance.

September 2015 Volunteer at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

During the festival I was in charge of parking. I loved my experience and I plan to start next year.



Currently in fourth secondary to Saint-Alexandre in Gatineau College.

I finished my elementary school at St. Rose School in Gatineau.


Skills and Abilities

Committed and responsible, I am very turned to face all situations.

Punctual and respectful, you can trust me.

Very easy to learn both for technologies or specialized tools.


data processing

I am very familiar iOS, Android and Windows. Very easy to troubleshoot and use of office suites.



French mother language

English spoken and read.

Spanish School knowledge



Great sport, I practice basketball, tennis and ice hockey.


sample resume for a student

sample resume for a student

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